Chevrolet Cruze Car mat Coil Mat


Chevrolet Cruze Coil Mat as Chevrolet Cruze Car mat. Heelpad for more durability


Customize into 2 piece front, 1 piece rear to cover the Chevrolet Cruze rear  floor.


Measured to cover various curves and etc, best of all looks nice in 1 piece design.

Various colours can be choose from, see our colours page.

1 thought on “Chevrolet Cruze Car mat Coil Mat

  • Just some tips on the heel pad. Make sure it is centered for the right foot (for automatic) or fits both feet (for manual transmission).

    Mine is centered to the right foot which covers the acceleration and brakes, but it doesn’t support my left foot which rests on the coil and now the coil is starting to come off there.

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